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As the Jungle keeps twisting and turning…

Mary was feeling a bit antagonized by her new training partners….
Artist: Pia Langfeld
The antagonism continued with Mr. Miyoda….
Artist: Pia Langfeld
Antagonize - Jaime
After Mary was reminiscing on her training with Mr MiYoda among the many others, she was now ready to face her enemies.
Antagonizing Viktor may have not been wise as he can be very “Cruel” in his methods of torture. Stay tuned….
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@Zombiepanda2007 #42 January 1 (Wed) ANTAGONISTIC

Jungle Turns – Chapter 9


Hello everyone, With this chapter, I want to take everyone into the thought process that Pia and I go through before each draw is submitted.  As our fellow Monkeys can imagine, making the storyline fit with the “Theme” that is picked for Sunday or Wednesday can be difficult at times.  I must confess that sometimes I have told Pia that “maybe we should skip this theme” but Pia always kicks my butt and we figure a way to make it work.

Pia and I message each other on Facebook days before the drawing is due.  Usually we look at both the “theme” that is due next AND the following “theme” so we can tie the storyline together.  For example the Chapter 8 theme “RPG”, we discussed how Agent W-D40 would tie a rope to an RPG so Mary could get out of the Quagmire.  I drew Mary becoming furious as she felt weak and found herself being the victim of these despicable men.  We tied in the following theme, “Illuminate” by showing Mary training in the “RPG” training or Role Playing Game simulators.

After submitting my draws for the current theme, I anxiously await the reveal of the following theme on @monkeysidebars so we can work on our storyline.

Artist: Pia Langfeld
Artist: Pia Langfeld
Artist: Pia Langfeld
Artist: Pia Langfeld

The ideas behind Pia’s draws were to show how Mary was seriously training.  She was in the Role Playing Game Simulator with bombs exploding behind her.

Meanwhile, Agent W-D40 is mesmerized by her beauty and becoming “Illuminated” with love.  However Mary stays focused with her training because clearing her name and revenge is on her mind.  Also we wanted to build the relationship slowly.

Artist: Jaime Leos
Artist: Jaime Leos
Artist: Jaime Leos
Artist: Jaime Leos

Again, more bombs exploding behind Mary in her new black spandex uniform!  For my first draw, I wanted more of an old comic style draw with “Booms” in the background like the old Batman comics.  The second draw shows Mary with a new hairdo and a new deadly attitude!

Mary has become a new force to contend with!  This draw was loosely referenced from the comic series (which has become one of my favorites), “Carbon Grey.”  This was my homage to artist, Hoang Nguyen and Khari Evans. Hope you enjoy and please follow on Instagram: @monkeysidebars and @jungleturns.

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@jojojamomo #41 December 29 (Sun) ILLUMINATE

Jungle Turns – Chapter 8

~ RPG ~

Artist: Pia Langfeld
Just as Mary thought she would perish in the Quagmire, a tall figure appeared out of the shadows…
Artist: Jamie Leos
Artist: Jamie Leos
Alive and Angry… not a good combination when it comes to Mary…
Time to get even


Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@amdecreations #40 December 25 (Wed) RPG – ROLE PLAYING GAME



Ep 8 Quagmire 1 - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Cherubiev sends his henchmen to take Mary to the Quagmire.
Quagmire 1 - Pia
Artist: Pia
Quagmire 2 - Pia
Artist: PiaEp 8 Quagmire 2 - JaimeArtist: Jaime Leos
Mary’s life is slipping away….
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@EM_JAXON #39 December 22 (Sun) QUAGMIRE



Ep 7 Cherubim 1 - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Cherubim1 - pia
Artist: Pia
Ep 7 Cherubim 2  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Viktor Cherubiev AKA ‘Cherub-Faced Killer’ reveals his plot to frame Mary for the death of Thomas to gain access into the trust fund to pay off gambling debts…  Now Mary knows too much!
Ep 7 Cherubim 3  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Mary finds herself in serious trouble. She was in love with Thomas and he broke her heart leading her to a state of ebullition. Then he sets her up for humiliation on ‘The Heraldo Show’ and ultimately sets her up as his killer only to find out that he is not dead but involved in a conspiracy! How did her life spiral out of control!
Stay tuned to the next episode of ‘Jungle Turns’.
Cherubim2 - pia
Artist: Pia
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@missvickysv #38 December 18 (Wed) CHERUBIM


Ep 6 Absurd 1  - JaimeArtist: Jaime Leos – continuing Mary’s saga

Ep 6 Absurd 2  - JaimeArtist: Jaime Leos – continuing Mary’s saga

Absurd1 - piaArtist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga

Absurd2 - piaArtist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga

Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@midasser #37 December 15 (Sun) ABSURD


Ep 5 Marvel  - JaimeArtist: Jaime Leos – continuing Mary’s saga

Mary is arrested by her ex-lover John and so close to finding her accuser…..

Marvel1 - piaArtist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga

Marvel2 - piaArtist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga

Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@anthrogirl825 #36 December 11 (Wed) MARVEL


Delicate - pia
Artist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga
Ep 4 Delicate 1  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
It is crazy to see at this stage that both Jaime and Pia were not properly collaborating but that their drawings seemed to match!
Ep 4 Delicate 2  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
Mary finds out valuable information from the arresting officer who was sent by Thomas’ Trust Fund associates. However, the information she has maybe too incredible to believe!! Stay tuned for the next Monkey Side Bars word… you may be “Marveled” by what is revealed.
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@gitteserritslev #35 December 8 (Sun) DELICATE


HERALD - pia
Artist: Pia
Ep 3 Herald  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@maryannetheresa #34 December 4 (Wed) HERALD


Ep 1 Ebullition  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Artist: Pia
Ep 2 message - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@kerilyn_b #32 November 27 (Wed) EBULLITION
@johneebee #33 December 1 (Sun) MESSAGE