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Jungle Turns- Chapter 14


Welcome back for another chapter of Jungle Turns!
This chapter was a strange one but fun to create!  When Pia Langfeld and I began to throw up ideas, Pia’s idea was to draw panic in the eyes of Mary and Agent W-D40 followed by the #Rabble breaking out into a “Flash Mob” dance scene like Micheal Jackson’s Thriller Video!  In the meantime, I was looking up references for the chapter- Zoftig.  When Pia suggested the flash mob scene, immediately I thought of Weird Al’s Fat video!
Weird Al's Fat Video  http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/music-videos/picks/results/7973/best-parody-music-video
Weird Al’s Fat Video

Michael Jackson's Thriller http://www.nbcbayarea.com/the-scene/events/1023-25-Largest-Simultaneous-Dance-to-Michael-Jacksons-Thriller-65751102.html

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Pia’s idea was Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s dance scene with the Zombies.
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
With the Rabble surrounding Mary and W-D40 the question was, “How are we going to get our heroes out of this one?”  When Pia suggested the Flash Mob idea and Michael Jackson, I started watching MJ videos and came across this scene.
Michael Jackson's Beat It http://www.tifr.us/tifr/2010/05/26/beat-it-with-a-real-jo-bro.html
Michael Jackson’s Beat Ithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRdxUFDoQe0 

It was perfect!  Agent W-D40 was going to have to fight his way out.  A duel with the gang leader!  A knife fight choreographed similar to that in the Beat It video or West Side Story.
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
After I drew this scene, I realized that the gang leader looked just like one of our fellow Monkey Sidebar members, Mr. Saul Osorio!!  I did a double take and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I knew I had to tag @sawoooly on this one!!  And this is how our first cameo came about!  I sent this drawing to Pia because I was hesitant to use it as not to offend Saul.  I’m glad we used it and Saul commented on Instagram, “Man this made my day! LOL!”
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
Unfortunately for @sawoooly, he had to go down or otherwise we end the comic saga…LOL!  Mary had to flash some boobs or something along that line to distract Saul long enough to lose.  Agent W-D40 agreed to spare his life if he told them where Faith and The Twins were.  They ran off to Zaftig’s House of Bodacious Women!!

Monkey                       Round              Date                     Day                         Word Chosen

@airedelapaz              #46              January 15      Wednesday               Rabble


Stay tuned to the next installment and please follow @jungleturns on Instagram.
Thank you, Jaime.