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Jungle Turns- Chapter 12

~Rock N Roll~

Hello everyone!
Back again with a narrative of the thought process Pia and I go through to make our draws and storyline work with the words selected for Monkey Sidebars.
As I have mentioned in the past, sometimes when a word comes along and I can’t come up with a plot to go behind the word then I will ask Pia if she wants to skip the word.  My idea was to draw a Rock Tribute.  I wanted to draw Mary sporting a Metallica t-shirt or something like that.  Maybe draw her with headphones listening to The Beatles. Maybe we could draw Pia dressed as a punk rocker.  Pia on the other hand said, “We can work with this.”  We started to throw up ideas and before you knew it we had a storyline for “Rock N Roll”.  I thought they should dress as a KISS tribute band since the villains were trying to lay low and not be noticed.
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
The first draw was done by Pia heading to the Belly Up Tavern.  An actual bar that Pia said she used to visit in her college years in San Diego.
It was the kind of place that you hoped to get out of alive.  It’s where Pia got her training to become a Crime-fighter comic artist!
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
The next draw shows Mary and Agent W-D40 searching for the Twins.  Only they did not know that The Twins were right in front of them!
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
I’ve seen so many cover bands and tribute bands in the Austin/San Antonio area but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a KISS tribute band.  Anywho… our tribute band playing at the Belly Up Tavern (notice how I wrote Bottom’s up Tavern on the draw…doh!) was Destroyer!!!  I didn’t know if there was a tribute band by the name “Destroyer” but I figured there would be so I Googled their name and there is an actual band called Destroyer! They actually played 30 miles from my hometown this weekend! Weird.
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
WTF indeed!  Pia and I discussed how we would make the GRAND REVEAL!  I thought this idea was crazy but we actually pulled it off.  I was so glad that we stuck to the storyline and not drawing some random draws.
Stay tuned for some exciting changes in the Jungle Turns saga!
Will Mary return from the DEAD!! Will she be a WALKER
(see what I did there Walking Dead fans).
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Thanks – Jaime.
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@Nora_a_f #44 January 8 (Wed) ROCK N ROLL