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Hello all, I am part of the Jungleturns duo with Jamie Leos. Quite obviously, I'm the quiet one when it comes to blogging as I am always second guessing myself when I write. Talking is another matter...I usually end up putting my foot in it... My dear partner does such a great job writing about how we came up with these stories (I swear he has the memory of an elephant), he flat-out floors me every time I read his posts. I hope you enjoy Mary's Saga and our stories, because I certainly enjoy the anticipation every week of what new word we have to work with and how we can create some interesting spins and twist... Pia

Jungle Turns – Chapter 8

~ RPG ~

Artist: Pia Langfeld
Just as Mary thought she would perish in the Quagmire, a tall figure appeared out of the shadows…
Artist: Jamie Leos
Artist: Jamie Leos
Alive and Angry… not a good combination when it comes to Mary…
Time to get even


Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@amdecreations #40 December 25 (Wed) RPG – ROLE PLAYING GAME