Jungle Turns- Chapter 13


Hello Everyone!!
Back again to share how the ideas for faith came about.  Several ideas came about between Pia and I.  We spoke about chasing the Twins through dark alley ways since our next word was “Rabble”.  I had an idea to have Wayne calling for backup while before entering the ghetto.  Mary would get too anxious and want to chase them before they got away but Wayne would tell her, “Have Faith.”  We scrapped this idea and came up with the following draws.
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
While Pia was researching reference draws for “Faith”, she came across several graffiti draws with their faith being depicted.  She went with this idea and got many religions and faiths into her draw.
Pia Langfeld
Pia Langfeld
On this draw, I came up with the quote from Dante’s Inferno while Dante and Virgil enter Hell, they are greeted with the phrase, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” but we changed the ‘hope’ to ‘Faith’ to go along with the new character we were about to introduce.
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
I drew Faith as the leader of a ruthless gang.  She would have to be able to move the Twins with little notice, able to obtain weapons, fake ID’s, etc. so she would need to be connected.  Someone who would not want to be arrested nor someone who would be willing to go quietly.  Of course, she would need to be bad ass.  On the captions, I did not want to use “….and this is my ‘hood!!!” but I couldn’t think of anything better at the time.
Posting time was coming up soon and I couldn’t think of another word for ‘neighborhood’ or ‘turf’ due to mental constipation (or brain farts).
Jaime Leos
Jaime Leos
Here, I drew Faith wanting to ‘put a hurting’ onto Mary but her priorities were to get the Twins out of the country…. preferably somewhere they couldn’t be extradited.  I drew Faith with Iron Crosses as a symbol of Faith.
Since our introduction of Faith we have only shown her in one draw (Dance) but not recognizable since Faith is drugged.  But we will come up to that in future Jungle Turn posts.  I hope that we can get a great word selected by our monkey friends where we can have Mary and Faith finally face each other and have a great fight with plenty of action or maybe an oil wrestling match!!

Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@pickledpink #45 January 12 (Sun) FAITH

Until then, thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed our posts so far.
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