Ep 7 Cherubim 1 - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Cherubim1 - pia
Artist: Pia
Ep 7 Cherubim 2  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Viktor Cherubiev AKA ‘Cherub-Faced Killer’ reveals his plot to frame Mary for the death of Thomas to gain access into the trust fund to pay off gambling debts…  Now Mary knows too much!
Ep 7 Cherubim 3  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime Leos
Mary finds herself in serious trouble. She was in love with Thomas and he broke her heart leading her to a state of ebullition. Then he sets her up for humiliation on ‘The Heraldo Show’ and ultimately sets her up as his killer only to find out that he is not dead but involved in a conspiracy! How did her life spiral out of control!
Stay tuned to the next episode of ‘Jungle Turns’.
Cherubim2 - pia
Artist: Pia
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@missvickysv #38 December 18 (Wed) CHERUBIM

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